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Jul 10th, 2019 Comments Off on Maldives Government Wants To Lower Costs Of Internet Services

Maldives Government Wants To Lower Costs Of Internet Services

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Based on a study that was conducted in about 26 countries across the world, it was identified that the price of internet in Maldives is considerably higher than other countries. Ahmed Maleeh Jamaal, Minister of Science and Technology has hinted that the government is opening its doors to new companies that will provide affordable internet service to Maldives.

At present, internet services are provided by two telecom giants, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo including small company Raajje Online. Maleeh said that the government will not hesitate to welcome new competitive companies that can bring the changes that the government wants.

If opportunity is provided to new companies, there is a possibility that internet service will become more affordable for the Maldivians. It is the government’s desire to steer the sector to the right direction. The government is working with Communications Authority and the 3 internet providers to lower the costs of internet service.

The Ministry also revealed that the government is considering the needs of the Maldivians for more affordable internet costs but it is also considering the economy and how it can help small and medium enterprises. Discussions are focused on finding a middle ground that will be agreeable to all parties.

Discussions are in the final stage and the government is considering proposals based on the results of the study that identified the high costs of internet services. The Ministry has expressed its hope that internet service providers will lower their prices to create a positive change for the future.

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