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Dec 9th, 2014 Comments Off on Last Minute Marketing Strategies For Online Retailers

Last Minute Marketing Strategies For Online Retailers

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A few days remain until Christmas but there is still time for online retailers to boost their sales. Many small businesses have been generally successful during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week and Green Monday but are others are still trying to attract more customers and additional revenue. Upwards of 75% of shoppers are not done with their online shopping and still plan to make purchases between now and December 25. It is not too late for online retailers to maximize their sales through different marketing strategies.

Four marketing tactics to maximize last-minute shopping revenue

  • Use shipping calendar for promotions – Christmas shoppers are running out of time but they still have a few days left to ship their gifts in time for December 25. Brony.com that sells ‘my little pony pajamas’ and ‘my little pony hoodies’ has started promoting a timeline for domestic US shipments by linking to USPS, UPS and FedEx delivery schedules.
  • Free shipping day – in addition to the shipping calendar, it makes sense to promote December 18 as Free Shipping Day which is expected to drive a lot of traffic from last minute shoppers. The online retailer though has to make good with the promise that the product will arrive by Christmas Eve.
  • Last minute discounts – one of the reasons why many people are not done with their holiday shopping is end-of-season sales where they can get good discounts. Savvy shoppers know that online retailers do not want to be left with too much inventory for the first quarter of the year because sales are expected to be slow. A good strategy is to offer big discounts for items that have not been selling too quickly to attract the attention of last minute shoppers.
  • Gift card offersgift cards or gift certificates are considered gifts and it is expected that online shoppers will be spending about $127 billion on gift cards this year. Recipients of gift cards often spend more than the amount of the gift card they received. The electronic equivalent of the gift cards can be discounted provided they spend it before Christmas day.

These online marketing strategies are proven to boost your sales between today and Christmas Day.

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