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Jul 10th, 2019 Comments Off on Know Your DIY Limits

Know Your DIY Limits

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The Blockis areality television show that focuses on DIY home improvements. Thanks to shows like it, many are inspired to handle any renovation work in their very own homes. Cheri Barber, a professional renovator who has worked on more than 40 properties since she was 21 years old, agrees that most cosmetic work needed in some homes are doable as DIY activities. She cautions those who are decided on doing the work themselves that there are many steps and considerations involved.


She emphasises that for cosmetic renovations, it is best to spend only 10 per cent of the property value, and that almost always means that people will work on some parts of the renovation anyway in order to keep to the budget. The downside to this, according to Barber, is that current buyers are much smarter and will probably require a building and pest inspection and any amateur or substandard work will be revealed, which will hurt the property for resale.


Barber explains that sometimes or for some parts of the project, DIY is not the best way to go. She notes that for safety, electrical and plumbing work are best left to the professionals. For maximum effect, any work done on floors is one of the first impressions that highlight a home. There are a number of floor sanding services in Sydney that property owners can hire to ensure that this part of the renovation is flawless. Cabinetry for the kitchen could be assembled as a DIYbut is best installed by a pro to ensure that they are aligned installed properly, avoiding gaps and adverse effects on the tiling or splashback. Tiling in the bathroom and laundry is not something to trifle with and would most definitely need expert hands. Most importantly, structural changes need handling by a licensed builder with the proper home warranty insurance certificate.


Beyond the above list that stresses the need for professionals, there are many other activities that could be left to DIY, such as painting, changes to flooring, and even demolition.


DIY is a good idea especially when on a budget, but to save even more time and money, some work needs expert hands. There are any number of professional electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and floor sanding services in Sydney to help any property owner refresh and renew a home.


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