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Aug 16th, 2021 Comments Off on Is Your Agency Using Reviews The Right Way?

Is Your Agency Using Reviews The Right Way?

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Like most online business agencies, you’ve probably begun to recognise how important customer feedback is to your business. Learning what your customers feel about your services can help you improve the quality of your output and at the same time find your strengths as an agency. At the same time, customer feedback is also essential for future clients to make the decision on whether or not to hire your agency.

Visibility is important, so your customer reviews shouldn’t be hidden within your website. They should be accessible, easy to find, and should be one of the first things a user will read about your agency. Below are some pointers to see if you are maximising customer reviews in the right manner.

  • Use review platforms that turn in large users. Facebook Reviews, through your Facebook page, makes your agency and its feedback easily accessible to your customers and their network.
  • Engage in reviews, both positive and negative. By doing this, you are continuing your relationship with your clients. Show your appreciation for their feedback, and if they turn in not-so-good reviews, make a commitment to do better next time.
  • Create marketing content from your reviews. You can show before-and-after testimonials, stories from your own customers about how your services impacted them in a positive way. You can share these on social media, your website, or your newsletters.
  • Utilise feedback in your SEO. Tools and services like King Kong agency reviews keywords being used by your own customers to better inform search engines about your agency and what you can offer.

It is one thing to receive positive feedback, but it’s another to strategically utilise them in a way that promotes your credibility, your positive customer relationship, and the value you offer for your customers’ money.

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