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Oct 6th, 2019 Comments Off on Is There A Chance For The Internet To Be Shut Down Universally?

Is There A Chance For The Internet To Be Shut Down Universally?

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There is no question that the internet has changed the lives of many small businesses. While many use the internet for entertainment, small businesses like junk hauling Orange County use the internet to grow the business. Digital marketing provides many opportunities to business owners to grow a customer base and build relationships with its customers.

Meanwhile, what will happen if the internet is shutdown entirely? Since the internet connects everything today for convenience, it also implies that it can be hacked. The internet relies on physical infrastructure that includes subsea cables and fiber optic cables. If any of the infrastructures were damaged by a natural disaster or criminal act, the subsea cables will be affected and the internet will shutdown.

The internet could also be shut down by an authoritarian government by blocking internet access to its citizens or substantially limiting access. While there are ways to circumvent internet censorship like the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) many people are not familiar with how these tools work.

According to Ryan T. Wright, associate professor of commerce and associate director of the Center for Management of IT at the University of Virginia, it is very unlikely for the internet to be shutdown universally. Internet infrastructure is composed of redundant connections which make it virtually impossible to bring down the entire internet whether intentionally or accidentally. If there are any issues, internet traffic can be rerouted around the problems.

The most likely reason for an internet outage is bad actors. Two of the critical internet systems that could bring down the internet when attacked or exploited are BGP and DNS. BGP or Border Gateway Patrol is used to route internet traffic while DNS or domain name system resolves web address like a phonebook. However, since these systems are known as critical points of failure, they are heavily monitored to prevent an internet shutdown.

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