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Oct 3rd, 2019 Comments Off on Is Internet Connectivity Still Free In Tesla Cars?

Is Internet Connectivity Still Free In Tesla Cars?

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Decades ago, car owners were focused on auto parts that can improve performance and mileage. Nowadays, their concern is more about internet connectivity for things like maps and navigation. The question is do car owners pay for data usage?

According to some Tesla owners, there is a new graphic on their touchscreens regarding data usage. It seems that there is truth to the rumors that the Silicon Valley-based carmaker will soon be charging for internet connectivity.

Electrek reported about the data usage graphic when an owner submitted a photo that showed a 50GB limit. However, it is not clear whether it pertains to data usage. When Roadshow reached out to Tesla to clear the situation, the tech company did not respond.

So far, internet connectivity has been entirely free from car owners. Five years ago, Tesla stated that internet connectivity will be free of charge for at least 4 years. However, this timeframe has since been gone.  In the summer of 2018, Tesla has released two structures for internet connectivity: standard and premium.

Today’s standard is for Tesla vehicles to come with 1-year Premium connectivity. It appears that most car owners want in-car music, media streaming and satellite view maps to be included. How much the extra features will cost, nobody knows.

Based on the original report, data usage counter has not appeared for car owners without Premium connectivity option. It is very likely that Tesla is currently shuffling how all the features will work. Most Tesla buyers including those lusting after the brand’s cars want Tesla to share some information in the near future.

With so much technology packed in cars today, people are spending a lot of time going through the multi-faceted multimedia systems. There are systems that are genuinely useful with a more open and flexible nature.

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