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May 3rd, 2019 Comments Off on Internet Regulation Vs. Absolute Freedom For Users

Internet Regulation Vs. Absolute Freedom For Users

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However, whose side are you for, internet regulation or absolute freedom for users? Absolute freedom used to be more appealing but the recent terrorist threats, exploitation and treason has made internet regulation as a better choice among nations who once valued freedom of expression.

The United Kingdom is preparing to launch “explicit internet content” laws that will require adult websites to verify the age of the user through ID. In the United States, public opinion is in favour of tighter government control because of the threats of terrorism.

What does internet regulation mean for people? The internet will become more like an intranet with a private and restricted network designed for a company or school. However, many of the internet services that people take for granted are already controlled by the government. Activities on Facebook and Instagram are flagged for suspicious activities. Trends are carefully analyzed because they might upset political agendas.

If word detection technology is used, private conversations on Messenger and WhatsApp can be monitored, too. This technology while controversial in nature is often employed in companies that include government-sponsored mortgage corporation like Freddie Mac.

It is hard to imagine Facebook and Google to provide full control to the government because people still have the freedom to leave and switch to other platforms. In today’s society, freedom of expression is highly valued.

Control over the internet will give power to control messages that spread and ideas against the government could be easily diverted. This is the form of control that world has broken away from. It will likely be considered as violation of a person’s space.

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