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Aug 12th, 2020 Comments Off on Internet Language Shifts From Predominant English To Multilingual

Internet Language Shifts From Predominant English To Multilingual

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One of the ways of simplifying business process is by invoicing your clients with Zoho online invoicing software. Efficient invoicing is particularly useful to small business because professional invoices are sent within minutes to get paid faster. Invoices carry the brand to create a good impression among clients.

One of the advantages of automated invoicing is the ability to send invoices in multiple currencies and languages. The language of the internet has shifted from the predominantly used English language to multilingual. According to Bill Gates, it is important to learn Mandarin because it is one of the dominant languages used online.

There are more than 8 billion people in the world speaking more than 6,500 languages. Of the 8 billion, almost 50% do not have internet access. Most of them come from the least developed countries. Only 10 languages represent 75% of all web traffic with English and Mandarin as the most common languages used.

The United States and United Kingdom are the primary English-speaking countries with a combined population of about 400 billion. China has a 1.2 billion population with 480 million not online yet. Given these stats, populations that represent 15% of the world’s population use a language that dominate 50% of web traffic.

There are so many languages used across the world but English and Mandarin dominate the internet. From 2000 to 2020, the United States, China and other developed countries have experienced significant internet user’s growth. This gave them the advantage to dominate 75% of the world’s online traffic. The early advantage allowed these countries to develop useful content using the dominant languages.

Late adopters had to adopt pre-existing technologies and the pre-established uses. For example, Google recognizes 30 European languages and only one African language. New online users have to choose an alternative language to be able to navigate the web and understand the world’s culture.

By invoicing your clients with Zoho, you effectively overcome the language barrier. Professional invoices in multiple languages and currencies are sent automatically to eliminate the need for further interpretation. It simplifies the entire invoicing process for the business as well as its clients.

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