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Nov 8th, 2017 Comments Off on Innovations In Printing Technology To Allow Different Materials

Innovations In Printing Technology To Allow Different Materials

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There are many advantages that can be gained from having plastic card printer within the organization. First impressions always count and a brand can easily be remembered if loyalty cards and business cards are printed on plastic cards instead of the traditional paper medium. With high quality printing, business cards will have more consistency in quality and design to standout from what the competitor offers.

The promise of 3D printing made people believe that they there will be a magic box that resemble The Replicator in Star Trek; however, the results were nowhere near being dramatic. Consumer 3D printers were expensive, difficult to use, slow and can only print in a limited number of materials. However, some 3D printers have managed to increase the speed of printing in plastic parts including metals like airplane parts. On the other hand, very few have succeeded in replacing traditional printing processes.

CEO Greg Mark founded a company 5 years ago and launched a novel way of 3D printing carbon fibre, one of the most cost effective ways to produce durable parts that can replace metal parts. The company’s carbon fibre parts can be used as fittings for factory moulds casted in metals which is a considerably slow process.

InJanuary Mark announced a range of $100,000 commercial printers using a technology that can print in steel. The approach to metal printing is different from 3D printing. Existing metal printers are very expensive at $500,000 to $1 million and make use of lasers to melt metal powders into shapes, layer by layer. Mark’s printers, on the other hand, extrude metal powder held in place by plastics which is dissolved and metal powder sintered. The process is similar to how metal parts are produced today using the same materials in injection moulding. Instead of injecting a part into place, it is printed.

The popularity of plastics is mainly due to durability and flexibility. When plastic card printer is used to print on plastic, the material lasts for a very long time to represent the brand. Plastic identification cards do not disintegrate or fray like the traditional cards made from hard paper.

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