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Apr 16th, 2018 Comments Off on How To Find A Luxury Hotel In Sukhumvit?

How To Find A Luxury Hotel In Sukhumvit?

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Travelers can be happy and satisfied when they visit Bangkok. They can find many hotels that are not only affordable, but provide first-class facilities and services. If you want to find the right luxury hotel in Sukhumvit, you need to choose which part of Bangkok you will want to stay in. You can be on the busy streets of Sukhumvit and Siam or in the peaceful Chao Phraya riverside.

Sukhumvit and Siam are spectacular locations for entertainment and shopping. Here you’ll find huge contemporary malls offering designer names, fashion boutiques, restaurants, and entertainments like bars, cinemas and more. At Sukhumvit and Siam, you also find access to Bangkok’s major attractions. There are also many accommodations like a luxury hotel in Sukhumvit to book in.

Silom is the older central business district of Bangkok. Here you’ll find several head offices of financial institutions, corporations, law firms and banks. There are also first class hotels to find here. Inside the skyscrapers are a handful of antique and art shops, some great bars and restaurants. At places like Silom Village, you can find impressive handcrafted local art pieces and treasures.

During sunset, Silom becomes a different place where local street markets are located along the roadsides. There is also Patpong where you can go wild during the nightlife and go partying with sexy shows. There are also great places to enjoy the nightlife in Sukhumvit and Siam. You just need to choose those that fits your taste and preference.

An interesting place around Bangkok are the banks of the Chao Phraya River. You can even go boating down the river and see amazing temples. There are also some first class hotels located here. It’s really up to you if you want to be booked in a luxury hotel in Sukhumvit for your accommodation.

In the political capital of Bangkok, Sanam Luang along the riverside, you’ll find historical landmarks and architectures. You will likely find lesser contemporary buildings and are more laid back as compared to busier streets in Sukhumvit. While cruising the Chao Phraya River, you can enjoy private parties and Thai dinners and capture pictures that make memories of your stay in Bangkok.

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