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Jan 11th, 2019 Comments Off on How To Choose Security Screens In Perth

How To Choose Security Screens In Perth

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When you want to purchase security screens in Perth, you’ll find a lot of options out there. This makes the buyers find a wide variety of options, not only to suit the home’s appearance, but something that can protect them at night or when there is no one around. It also comes with a price that fits the budget.

However, the buyer may find it hard to choose security screens in Perth as these come in a wide variety. So, it may be wise to consider that these don’t come in similar features. While different brands claim their products are durable, the real evidence proves if it’s compliant with Australian standards. So, when shopping for one, ensure they meet Australian standards.

So, below are simple tips on what you should consider, when comparing the options for security screens:

  • Security Testing: The security screens in Perth are tested according to Australian standards, such as the:
  1. Australian Standard AS5039-2008, where its performance is tested;
  2. Australian Standard AS5041-2003, where the standards need to pass a testing method;
  3. Dynamic Impact Test, where this will check how intruders can penetrate the screens;
  4. Knife Shear Test, where this will test if an intruder uses a knife to penetrate the security screen;
  5. Jemmy Test, where the side of the screens are tested if intruder uses a screwdriver;
  6. Pull Test, where it tests if the intruder can pull the screen;
  7. Probe Test, where it checks if the intruder can unlock the door or window;
  8. Fire Safety Test; where it tests if the security screens in Perth are resistant to fire or in a bush fire environment;


  • Door Frame: An aluminum frame is used to withstand any Australian weather climate.


  • Locks: This will secure the doors of the houses. You may need recommendations from a qualified locksmith.


  • Warranty: A reputed company can support their security screens in Perth with a good warranty. A guaranteed product will have a five-year warranty period, which should work for a long time.


  • Security Mesh: You need to purchase a marine grade security mesh to protect your home from insects or intruder’s access. You may want to choose between aluminumor stainless steel, which gives you a great view from your indoors.

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