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Dec 20th, 2018 Comments Off on How To Choose A Final Mile Logistics Provider

How To Choose A Final Mile Logistics Provider

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Fast fulfilment of orders is the minimum expectation of today’s tech savvy customer. With increasing popularity of e-commerce, more and more customers prefer to deal with retailers, who promise speedy delivery of products.

Retailers and logistics companies are coming up with new technologies and different supply-chain models to increase the speed of deliveries and improve customer satisfaction. Last mile or final mile carrier services are one of these value-added services provided by logistics companies.

Last mile delivery is the last step of the product shipping process. It is the final step where the product is delivered to the customer. This step is the most time-consuming and expensive part of the total shipping process. Most of the logistics companies suffer from the inefficiency of their last mile deliveries.

Businesses should choose a professional courier service that provides white glove and last mile delivery services. The final mile carrier should be able to provide the end consumer with an unmatched delivery experience. An efficient last mile delivery can highly influence the customer satisfaction level.

Businesses should choose a last mile provider depending on the type of their business. There is a huge difference between the last mile delivery process of Business to Business and Business to Customer, logistics services. While the Business to Customer logistics, generally involves freight and parcels, the Business to Business segment involves huge machinery, raw materials for production etc. These machines require specialized mode of transportation and skilled technicians to deliver at the destination.

Choosing a reputed final mile carrier for Business to Business logistics helps to ensure that the expensive machinery and equipment are safely transported to the destination. They are carefully handled, unpacked and installed at the client site. The logistics provider should be careful, not to damage the site of installation and should use the safety gear required. The professional technicians of the logistics company, providing final mile delivery and white glove services should be trained by the manufacturer on the installation and operation techniques of the machinery. This enables them to safely install the equipment or machinery and also train the members of the customer company, on how to handle the machines. Some logistics companies also offer clean-up and recycling services as part of their final mile solutions.

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