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May 27th, 2020 Comments Off on How The Lockdown Changed People’s Search Habits And Internet Usage

How The Lockdown Changed People’s Search Habits And Internet Usage

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced people across the world to remain at home for longer periods than usual. As a result, internet usage has spiked. What is surprising is the way that people navigate websites. People would rather use their desktops or laptops to search for bird’s eye view maps of Maria Rabinky instead of their mobile devices.

According to a research, it is perfectly understandable for people to use their personal computers considering that they are mostly at home during a lockdown. However, instead of visiting websites during the day, people prefer to do it later in the evening or very early morning.

There is also a big shift from visiting websites during weekdays to visiting them over the weekend. Online meetings are usually held during weekdays as well as home schooling. More online browsing is done during weekends or after working hours because people are busy with work and school-related chores.

The study also focused on the search habits of people during the lockdown. It is worth noting that there are businesses with high demand for their products and services like insurance, technology and home appliances. There is also a noticeable increase in searches for toys and games, anxiety treatments and couple counselling.

The biggest drop in demand is experienced by B2B businesses particularly those involved in advertising, marketing, entertainment, training, retail and non-critical services. Results of the study could help businesses decide on the best time to run online advertising campaigns and post social media advertisements. By knowing what people are searching for online, businesses will gain an insight on what people need at present, the questions they are asking and the problems that need to be solved.

Brands must adapt to digital and human-less experience. Health and safety will be the priority but businesses can respond to this challenge by resorting to digital channels instead of physical stores. Brands are already experiencing an increase in their online traffic.

If you are searching for bird’s eye view maps, just type Maria Rabinky on the search bar of your computer or device. Illustrated maps can be created for cities, towns, resorts, campuses or parks to capture the interest of visitors.




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