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Apr 23rd, 2018 Comments Off on How The Internet Of Things Makes The Task Of Pest Control Easier

How The Internet Of Things Makes The Task Of Pest Control Easier

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It is without doubt that pest control in Newcastle is dependent on the internet for its marketing. Households who have noticed signs of pest activity inside the homes usually turn to the internet to find the nearest pest control provider. However, there are also technologies that pest control providers can implement in their operations.

How does smart technology work in pest control services? The smart phone of a pest control technician receives a text message notifying that a rodent trap was triggered at a restaurant. It is the same restaurant where he provided pest control services a week ago. The technician sends a text to the restaurant informing the owner that he will arrive within 20 minutes because an automatic message was received.

Another tool for communication is email. A customer sends an email asking the pest control provider whether the basement was inspected because there is suspicious activity. Because of wearable technology like smart goggles, the message is immediately received and confirmed. The basement has been investigated and 3 smart traps have been installed.

Communication is instant and data collection is immediate. Reporting is in real time. There is accountability, assurance and transparency in the business environment. This is the way Internet of Things (IoT) work today; everything is connected through software, hardware and infrastructure for immediate communication. The smart trap has hardware that includes sensors, smart house systems, video-enabled doorbells and Alexa.

Internet of Things makes the job of pest control easier because it uses efficient technology. Pest control providers have been successful in implementing IoT in several ways. For example, they can use routing and scheduling software linked to GPS. There is also a text-to-pay service that allows clients to access their invoice through mobile and settle the bill. Technology helps pest control providers in ensuring high customer satisfaction that result into recommendations and referrals.

It is easier for pest control in Newcastle to deliver service to their clients when they use technology. They provide better results and easily build trust among customers. Sensors and alerts are frequently used for remote pest monitoring. Sensors also collect data so that technicians will be alerted when the smart traps catch a rodent.

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