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Jul 15th, 2018 Comments Off on How SEO Marketing Is Used In The Travel Industry

How SEO Marketing Is Used In The Travel Industry

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It is no surprise that travel brands are setting aside large budgets for SEO marketing as they aim to reach a receptive audience. For most travelers, the answer to their questions can be easily generated through an online search. In 2017, Expedia committed a record breaking $5.3 billion on marketing while rival booking website Booking Holdings had a slightly lower marketing outlay of $4.1 billion.

If you will analyze the current state of SEO, you might as well call it Google optimization because Google has retained its dominance over other search engines. In the later part of March, Google announced that it is implementing a new set of crawling, indexing and ranks. Since most consumers are using mobile devices instead of desktops, Google has shifted its focus on mobile content.

In mobile-first indexing, Google will use the mobile version of content for the most part. In the past, Google uses the desktop version of website content when evaluating the relevance of a web page to a user’s query. However, content gathered from mobile-first indexing will have no ranking advantage over desktop content. It is a search strategy that prioritizes mobile interfaces. Since most consumers prefer to use mobile phones for search than desktops, it is important to have a mobile friendly site.

According to Kevin Gibbons, CEO of BlueGlass, an SEO and content marketing agency, for most of his travel clients they have used organic search from new customers as the primary referrer and not traffic. Years ago the primary focus was analyzing ranking factors and how to make a website look like it is number one in the Google. Now, the main consideration is to build the reputation of the brand so that they will deserve to be number one in the search results. Engaging content is a very critical marketing tool because people want something that is newsworthy and credible.

The idea is to write a proper piece of content using keywords that approaches the topic normally so that users will absorb the information being provided. Since content for SEO is difficult to accomplish, allow https://www.cloudcartel.com.au/search-engine-optimisation/ to assist you and help you achieve a high ranking.

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