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Dec 10th, 2020 Comments Off on How Much Bandwidth Does A Household Need?

How Much Bandwidth Does A Household Need?

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The internet is one of those things that make life easier nowadays. However, how much bandwidth does a person needs? Not all online activities require the same amount of bandwidth. For a group video call, 2.5 Mbps speed is enough while for streaming HD videos, 25 MBPs speed will be required.

Meanwhile, internet speed depends on several factors like the apps and the number of people online. If both parents are conducting video meetings while their 2 kids are logged on to the online classroom, slower or interrupted internet connections may be experienced by the family.

Virtual reality apps and other advanced streaming technologies are being used by schools and libraries. These technologies require at least 50 Mbps speed to work efficiently. This leads to a bandwidth shortage with a gigabit connection. If there are multiple people in the household that watch streaming video at the same time, even the fastest home internet service will slow down.

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