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Jan 22nd, 2014 Comments Off on How Much Are Women Willing To Pay For Thinner Body?

How Much Are Women Willing To Pay For Thinner Body?

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It is the month of January that weight loss plans are on full swing because many are looking for ways to shed the pounds they have gained during the holiday season. This article will discuss more about the price and lengths that women are willing to go through in order to lose their weight as easy and fast as humanly possible.

According to a survey, one in every 20 people are willing to cut their with their biological mothers just to achieve losing weight while another research shows that average British citizens who are between 25 to 34 years old are willing to pay £876 so they can lost at least one stone from their current weight. It only shows that they are willing to pay almost £900 in a weight that they could easily lose through healthy eating and exercise.

There are other surprising figures revealed such as the fact that 37.7 million British citizens are willing to stop using their favorite social media platform for one year just as long as they achieve their ideal weight. One in every ten participants are willing to stop having sex while one in three are willing to let go of alcohol just to lose weight.

Of the same age group of participants asked, one in every eight is trying to lose weight just because they wanted to make their partners proud. For the whole month of January, the willpowers of those who are trying to lose weight will be tested and it is estimated that by the end of this weekend, around 32.6 million Brits will quit the weight loss resolution they have made for this year.

Out of that number, 7.5 million will quit their plan to weight loss because they of various temptations such as 60 per cent is due to chocolates, 41 per cent is due to biscuits while 39 per cent is due to cake.

This research was conducted by a company called Shots based in Whitworths. There are other ways people could lose weight this year such as the HCG weight loss as there are 11 more months to go before another years starts once more.

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