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Jul 16th, 2017 Comments Off on How Illustrated Maps Can Give You Directions

How Illustrated Maps Can Give You Directions

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Illustrated maps have been part of human history since long time ago. Examples of old maps used long time ago are those from Columbus and Vasco da Gamma. These maps have turned out to be more user-friendly in the last decades, the user of these maps can be walking down the street, aside from noble voyagers like Ferdinand Magellan and Marco Polo.

The maps are the most recent approach to better understand and explore the world. Nowadays, these illustrated maps are beautifully drawn, with pictorial representations of various places. Maps enhance the readability of some maps by having people understand them easily.

You can fully utilize illustrated maps as a technological advancement and artistic representation. A realistic location is drawn of the area, important places and depict the places more easily. The map illustrates the significance of the area for those visiting for the very first time. They can use it to direct strangers to places and follow them, which should solve problems of unfamiliarity.

An example of using these maps are those joining the Amazing Race contest in a specific location. They just need to search for appropriate landmarks to help them find the places they want to go. Another example on using these maps are those traveling on unfamiliar roads. To obtain desired illustrated maps is to have the illustrator familiar of the locations and views indicated here. However, there can also be outdated maps, with the changes or updates of the cityscapes. This is common in urban areas where skyscrapers start to rise.

Some maps prove to be unrealistic too. The distance between two places are drawn shorter, and the scale is smaller too due to the placement of popular landmarks. To have realistic illustrated maps, one must emphasize the space for a realistic understanding, like those found on Google Maps. It may take a while or longer to get a real picture of maps for a specific location. There may even be a need to take pictures of the location for an exact view. The maps must be valued as hand drawn maps that can even compete with GPS or a satellite imaging.

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