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Jan 24th, 2019 Comments Off on How An Internet Blockade Affects Consumers

How An Internet Blockade Affects Consumers

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Because the industry for electrical services is becoming extremely competitive, it is important for the electrician in Wynnum to take advantage of the internet to be able to promote the services to the most number of consumers. Hundreds of customers are looking for electrical services online which make it very important to have online visibility.

However, what happens if the government decides on a total blockade of the internet and limitation of services to exclude social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp and others? On January 15, 2019, all internet services in Zimbabwe were switched off under the instruction of the government. The switch-off occurred on the 2nd day of the 3-day shutdown called for by Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions to protest the government’s 230% fuel price increases.

However, the government does not have the central switch towards the internet getaway because it only relies on the compliance and cooperation of ISP’s that can act based on the provision on Interception of Communications. ISP’s can be compelled to comply with directives and instructions but they could also opt to disregard the directive if there is no legal justification. There is no existing provision that allows a total blockade.

Meanwhile, ISP’s in Zimbabwe immediately complied with the directive even if there is nothing under the law that can force them to switch off internet services. Majority of the consumers that were affected by the internet blockade have service contracts with their ISP’s. The services are usually prepaid and guarantees availability of service. Consumers who have purchased bundles to be able to access social media sites are entitled to refund or commensurate recompense.

Since the contract is with the ISP and not the government, the consumers must claim their refund from the ISP that complied with the illegal directive. Furthermore, the internet blockade has violated freedom of expression, communication and access to information.

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