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Sep 3rd, 2018 Comments Off on Horticulture Industry Excited About Upcoming Tech Conference

Horticulture Industry Excited About Upcoming Tech Conference

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According to news received by Catalyst Event Solutions, there is a tech conference to be held in March of next year that will feature new technologies for horticulture industry that will help decrease labour costs as well as create a new network of innovators. The main goal of organizing the conference is to attract innovators to present their technologies that could help improve horticulture as well as to discuss the current problem with the shortage of workers in the industry.

The tech conference is called Smart Hort and it will be hosted on Stratford-Upon-Avon. It will be a two-day event on March 6 and 7, 2019 and the main objective is to organize an event where innovators within the horticulture sector can network with one another.

The event is going to be sponsored by AHDB and it will be free for all participants. This is a part of their campaign to tackle the current issues that are plaguing the horticulture industry in the United Kingdom including the shortage of affordable labours. Commercial businesses will be present during the event and there will be organizations that specialize in service and research. These are the same organizations that employ the latest technological innovations in order to make a big impact in the industry.

It will be a chance for exhibitors to connect with major figures in the horticulture industry as well as to know more about the current problems that producers are tackling in the United Kingdom. The two-day conference is also a chance for participants to get in touch with potential customers. Aside from the two-day conference, there is also an organized dinner during the event.

SmartHort’s project manager appointed by AHDB, Grace Emeny, said that guest speakers from all over the world will be attending the event and they will share a number of new developments in the field of robotics as well as automation. These are the most awaited news with hopes that these could make a big impact in the industry.

Many event organizers including Catalyst Event Solutions are excited about the event as it could present new ideas as well as make another noise in the event industry internationally.

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