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May 13th, 2017 Comments Off on High-Performance Tempering Furnace To Produce High-Performance Tempered Glass

High-Performance Tempering Furnace To Produce High-Performance Tempered Glass

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High-performance tempered glass needs a high-performance machinery to ensure that the market is served in the best possible way. Tempered glass has become significantly popular in today’s contemporary building designs where clarity and flexibility is required. Glass is used in structural designs to provide the essential element of natural light in the interior of a home or office.

Glaston’s FC500 tempering furnace is professional equipment that is very important in regions like Kuwait where temperatures soar to more than 50 degrees Celsius. According to Abdullah Al-Qabandi, the general manager of GM Al-Hadi Glass Industries in Kuwait, the company started as a manufacturer of aluminum but has evolved to meet the needs of the market.

In 2007, Al-Hadi Glass built a 10,000-square meter glass factory to sustain the increasing demands for high-performance glass that can be used for building and construction. The glass processing business started with a ProE tempering furnace from Glaston that was called Tamglass. Glaston has good representation in the region which made it easy for glass companies to obtain service and spare parts.

In 2010, when Abdullah and Zeyad Al-Awadhi, chairman of Al-Hadi Glass visited Glasstec’s exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, they saw Glaston’s FC500 series tempering furnaces being launched. They proceeded to Finland, the site of Glaston’s factory and were shown all the opportunities available by using the innovative equipment.

The FC500 tempering furnace was exactly what they needed to meet the evolving needs of the region. After the visit, the chairman of Al-Hadi Glass started with the purchase process for FC500. Al-Hadi Glass had to prepare the power source of the company for the new tempering line. After the power source was confirmed, they immediately proceeded with the project. It took a few years to iron out all the issues but now the new tempering furnace is up and running in the factory.

Tempered glass is not the ordinary glass that you are familiar with. Tempered glass is now used for frameless shower enclosures and doors, balustrades, pool enclosures and divider between the interior and exterior environments. The cost of a glass balustrade may be a little bit more than other materials but you are assured of a durable and strong balustrade that will satisfy your aesthetic requirements.

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