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Jun 11th, 2017 Comments Off on Healthcare Data On Cloud: It Is Safe?

Healthcare Data On Cloud: It Is Safe?

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Many hospitals are now starting to recognize the fact that technology will help them in a lot of ways. A number of these have already decided to go high-tech and have turned to cloud based healthcare solutions. This move is understandable given that this industry is in need of a more robust infrastructure for their data that are subject to intensive trends. They also benefit from the services that help them explore population health, precision medicine, advanced analytics, and value based care.

While cloud based healthcare solutions will have a positive impact on hospitals, this is not without its risks. It can be noted that HIPAA regulations require these to protect personally identifiable and health information of their clients. Hospitals are then faced with the challenge of securing their data, so that these do not fall in the wrong hands.

It was observed that about 82 percent of the databases that are housed by public computing environments have not been encrypted. This information was revealed in the Cloud Infrastructure Security Trends Report which was released by the cybersecurity vendor, RedLock.

But what is more alarming is that 31 percent of the databases kept in public cloud environments can be accessed using the Internet. Among the organizations around, 40 percent of these are already using cloud storage that have already been exposed to the public, says RedLock.

Researchers from the RedLock Cloud Security Intelligence team found out that only a few customers are satisfied with the cloud infrastructure security. This could be the reason why 80 percent of organizations are still in the trial stage of using cloud technology.

According to stats, cloud services do not really view security as their priority. While 90% cloud companies will require username and password authentication, many make the mistake of using the most used passwords — ‘password’, ‘password1’, and ‘12345’. It only takes several seconds to break a four character password. Stats also show that employees are likely to use only two passwords for all of the sites that they have an account with.

So is healthcare data safe on cloud? This all boils down to the security feature offered by your provider and of course, on how well you implement actions to prevent your data from leaking out. 

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