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Dec 26th, 2014 Comments Off on Hail To The Top 15 Internet Newspaper Sites Of 2014

Hail To The Top 15 Internet Newspaper Sites Of 2014

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Information can now be easily transferred through many different mediums and platforms, like websites, social media and others. This also paved way for established news networks to come up with internet newspapers. News programs like BBC, CNN, ABC news, FOX news, etc. now have their own website and even mobile applications so you can access real-time news everywhere.

Ebiz has recently released a list the most popular News sites in the United States based on eBizMBA rank, and here they are:

On top of the List is the Yahoo News with estimated 175,0000,0000 visitors. Top 2 is its closest competitor the Google News with an estimated 150,000,000 visitors. Next, is the HuffingtonPost with a whooping 111,000,000 visitors. Then, CNN it has an estimated 95,000,000 visitors. The 5th on the list is The New York Times with an estimated 70,000,000 visitors. Next is the FOX News not too far from its precedent with 65,000,000 visitors. Then, the NBC News, placed on the 7th spot with just a few thousands less from the FOX news, by an estimated 63,000,000 visitors. Conquering the 8th place is Mail Online which has an estimated 53,000,000 visitors. On top 9, The Washington post, it’s surprising that this was not included in the top 5, as the viewers were just about 47,000,000. Next is The Guardian with around 42,000,000 audiences. Following The Guardian is The Wall Street Journal, yet another surprise that it is not even included in the top 10, the news site has an estimated 40,000,000 visitors. Next, the ABC News, might be one of the most popular news sites even outside United States, yet it only placed it’s ranking on the 12th spot with still a competitive number of visitors in 36,000,000. Then, the BBC news, just like ABC news, it’s one of the most popular outside the US, but on local visitors it’s averaging at 35,000,000. Nearing to conclude the list is the USA today website which has an estimated 34,000,000 audience. And finally, last but definitely not the least is the LA times with an estimated 32,500,000 visitors.

It’s a breakthrough how technology, or more specifically, the use of the internet gave people almost unlimited access. Access to what’s happening in their local community, country, or around the world. Hopefully people will just use this power of accessibility in a good way, just like what news sites were doing, handing over important information and strengthening the social awareness of people.

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