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Dec 19th, 2018 Comments Off on Guns Recasted Into Floor Tiles

Guns Recasted Into Floor Tiles

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Colombia is rising from its bloody past and as a symbolism the weapons that were once used by the rebels in order to start the war have been transformed as part of the monument that is located in the capital city of the nation. The next time people think about white bathroom tiles they will link back to this day when those very weapons were easily turned into floor tile.

This is a memorable event for the entire nation because those weapons were the reason why the country had to suffer through a civil war that lasted for 52 years against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or Farc. The war is the reason to the demise of 260,000 individuals and more than 7 million people were displaced as a result. The war became very bloody because of the contributions of leftist rebel groups along with paramilitaries that are siding with the state.

In 2017, Farc decided to melt weapons weighing a total of 37 tonnes consist of grenade launchers, rifles and pistols. It was then recasted with the help of the artist Doris Salcedo to create tiles that are now lining the floor of the recently created gallery space. The gallery is located in Bolgota which is one block from the palace of the president. The floor tiles have been named Fragments was inaugurated last week.

According to Salcedo, the main concept that prompted to use weapons which are the same one that brought pain is to turn that pin into a useful product. The artist is most popular because of her work called Shibboleth which was created in 2007. It was a long crack that spans the floor’s surface Tate Modern’s turbine hall.

Salcedo is based in Bogota and she said that she is not keen with the idea of creating a traditional monument therefore she decided to go against it and created what she refer to as anti-monument. This is because they are not celebrating the weapons. The byproducts are not as innocent as white bathroom tiles people usually use but these tiles are the symbol of the war that is now part of the country’s history.

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