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Sep 18th, 2018 Comments Off on Free Service Offered For Kerala Flood Victims With Vespa And Aprilia

Free Service Offered For Kerala Flood Victims With Vespa And Aprilia

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It was no secret that the flooding that recently happened in Kerala affected many. This is the reason why Piaggio India offered free camps which provided services to flood victims in Kerala who are owners of Vespas and Aprilias. There are many Aprilia motorbikes that were affected by the flood that the company decided that it would be helpful for the owners to get a free service. The camp lasted for two days and entertained customers who are in need.

Aside from the camp, Piaggio also planned to refurbish all the showrooms that have been damaged by the floods along with their service centres. The company is also planning to give out workshops in order for customers to learn the necessary skills and tricks in case of emergency which is useful in case of an unexpected breakdown without nearby professional help.

During the free camp, the mechanics conducted a comprehensive exam in order to see if there are damages on the vehicles caused by the flood. The free camps are set up as soon as it was surmised that the flood has done too much damage on Kerala as a whole and it might be impossible for owners to get their vehicles to a repair shop considering that they have other things to attend to financially.

For those who are not able to visit the free camps within the two-day event, they are welcome to bring their motorbikes to any service centre of Aprilia and Vespa. From their they will receive servicing for their vehicle without paying for the labour charge and they can also purchase spare parts with a given discount.

According to Piaggio India’s CEO, Diego Graffi, the initiative is their way of saying that the company sympathize with the people as they are going through a hard time. He added that they wanted to make sure that the safety of their customers while riding their two-wheelers is given the top priority. Even the owners of dealership that sells Aprilia motorbikes said that they are happy to provide free service to the victims of the flooding in Kerala.

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