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Aug 3rd, 2019 Comments Off on Five Attributes Of An Effective School

Five Attributes Of An Effective School

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Every parent aspires to send his/her child to an outstanding school that provides opportunities for overall development of the child. However, the presence of a number of choices, makes it difficult for the parents to choose an effective school for their child.

If you are searching for an outstanding international school in Bangkok, here are five factors that make a school effective.

  • School Management and Leadership

The principal and board members of a school should provide strong leadership to the institution. Students perform well, when the management of the school is effective. The principal and board members should effectively convey the goals and vision of the school, collaborate with teachers to improve their skills and be proactive in identifying problems and finding right solutions.

  • High Expectations

An outstanding school should have high expectations of teachers and students. High expectations push children to perform better. Teachers strive hard to teach better, when the management places high expectations on their teaching abilities.

  • Continuous Evaluation

The performance and development of students should be continuously evaluated. The data should be used to compare the performance with other students from across the country. This comparison will help schools to identify problem areas of students and devise solutions to improve their performance.

  • Proper Direction

An effective school should have goals and direction. The principal should effectively communicate the goals of the institution to other stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents and the community at large. The management should involve all the stakeholders while formulating school policies. Students perform better in schools, where the entire school community works to achieve the common goals.

  • Security

Students need a secure and organized environment to perform well at school. The school should employ enough staff, who are trained to handle difficult students and bring them back to normal.

Apart from these 5 factors, other important factors such as teacher quality, learning time, teaching methods, teacher training and development and parent trust also should be considered to determine the efficiency of a school.

Keep these points in mind, while choosing an international school in Bangkok for your child. Choose a school that promotes overall growth and development of the child.

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