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Jul 26th, 2015 Comments: 0

Experts Explain The Different Types Of Ribbons

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Ribbons can be useful for all occasions and purchasing them can be quite easy as they are available in both traditional stores and online stores like Ribbons.com. They are widely used all over the world but most people probably do not know is that there are many different kinds of ribbons that can be bought.

According to the experts, there are two main types of ribbons. They could either be woven and non-woven. Woven ribbons are basically cloth banded together and characterized as narrow and with refined and specially-finished edges. Non-woven ribbons, on the other hand, are made out of synthetic materials or plastic.

Woven ribbons are better used in clothing and as decorative material for the house. They are durable and flexible. Non-woven ribbons are also flexible and they have the capacity to be curled and used in many ways that are good for crafting and design.

Here are the different types of ribbons that you can buy:

1. Acetate Ribbons. These ribbons are quite stiff and are primarily used for floral arrangements and packaging.

2. Grosgrain Ribbons. These woven-type ribbons are very durable. Their physical characteristics give a crisp appearance.

3. Chiffon, organza and organdy. The so-called ‘sheers.’ These woven ribbons are lightweight.

4. Iridescent Ribbons. Depending on the light and the angle from which it is viewed, this type of ribbon has changeable colors. This is due to the pearl-like finishing of the ribbon.

5. Satin Ribbons. These ribbons are characterized by their smooth and shiny surface. Satin ribbons could either be one-faced or double-faced.

6. Moiré Ribbons. These ribbons appear like a watermark as characterized by their ripple effects.

7. Ombre. These ribbons’ hues transition from one color to another.

8. Poly Ribbons. Poly ribbons are made from polypropylene. They can be waterproof and made for outdoors.

9. Wired Ribbons. Have wires on the edges to help the ribbon maintain its shape.

10. Velvet Ribbons. These classy ribbons have a tight weave and they have to be cared for to maintain its beauty.

11. Taffeta Ribbons. These ribbons are very light. They can either be translucent or not.

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