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Dec 6th, 2014 Comments Off on What To Expect From Web Design Trends 2015

What To Expect From Web Design Trends 2015

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The influence of the internet is very apparent as more and more functions are performed using computers. Technology goes beyond new equipment and communications; it has also changed the way that websites are made. 2015 is a few days away and SEO Los Angeles is looking forward to the new trends in web design because it is very certain to impact on the way they develop websites for the future.

Web design trends for 2015

Large images to speak to viewers

2015 will usher in the use of large images in the homepage that are brought to life through eye catching colors to attract users to the site. In order to pull off large images, once the user starts to navigate, he will not continue to see the image because it will be replaced by content. Flat Design will be the forthcoming feature that will be used in modern user interface; an example of which can be seen on tablet computers using Windows 8 where the focus is on the minimal use of elements like flat colors and typography.

Responsive design to optimize websites for mobile

In 2015, it is expected that more and more people will be accessing the internet through their mobile devices instead of the traditional desktop computer. It is therefore important for a website to be browsed using any device otherwise the business loses the opportunity to gain a potential customer. Responsive web design will be used to automatically adjust a website to best fit the small screen of mobile phones and tablet computers. This will ensure that user experience will be the same regardless of what platform is used to access a website.

HTML5 videos on the background of web pages

There are many different ways with which videos are embedded in HTML pages. A lot of brands have started using videos in their web design because they appeal to a lot of viewers. Several websites are also starting to use innovative web design with properly adjusted content and images that will provide more information to the user. Through all the different innovations in web design, it is always important to consider the user who will be browsing the site.

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