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Mar 7th, 2019 Comments Off on Eliminating Third Party Logistics Through Internet Of Things

Eliminating Third Party Logistics Through Internet Of Things

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It is typical for a company to rely on third party logistics providers to ensure that their products get from Point A to Point B. This is of course a reasonable solution but prone to human error because shipping, tracking and receipts are accomplished manually. With specialist logistics solutions, complex tasks are performed with speed and precision due to smart technology.

A new way of conducting delivery and fulfilment operations has been introduced through a combination of cloud computing, analytics and hardware advancements powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a new technology paradigm that allows objects to communicate with each other and with humans through embedded electronic nodes programmed for specific functions.

In the supply chain management, IoT can eliminate the need for third party logistics because the manufacturer can speak directly to the supplier, shipper or receiver. Manufacturers rely on different suppliers to deliver their orders on time. Suppliers use RFID (radio frequency identification) tags on materials so that everyone will know the route, time and actual delivery date to the manufacturer. Full transparency is achieved at both ends of the supply chain.

In instances when the manufacturing facility is extremely large, shipments can arrive at various times of the day. Shipments can be lost and it will be a nightmare for everyone. A solution is embedded RIFD tags to eliminate delays in production due to a misplaced shipment.

Logistics companies can handle perishable and environmentally-sensitive goods. They have solutions to maintain temperatures, humidity and other conditions to minimize losses. In these circumstances, IoT will be an ideal option because alerts can be provided when things go wrong.

IoT can monitor conditions during shipment from temperatures and humidity to shocks and vibrations. Transporters and receivers of goods will be notified in advance of delivery. When blockchain technology is added, transparency, security and confidence are enhanced.

Working with specialist logistics solutions provider means that you will only be using one company for the management, storage, technical support and transport in the entire logistics chain. This is possible because of the unique combination of experienced people with extensive training in the logistics industry and the very latest equipment.

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