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Jan 25th, 2018 Comments Off on Creating Customized Web Applications With Zoho Creator

Creating Customized Web Applications With Zoho Creator

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Zoho creator makes you create custom database application through WYSIWYG editor. The forms are integrated into your website or blog and the gathered data are kept in this database builder. The embedded code is auto generated; however, you need to register with ZC. This is actually a detailed tutorial to get you started with Zoho in more or less half an hour.

Application – You can relate Zoho creator applications to Excel spreadsheets. You need to realize that you are only allowed 10 applications only. However, if you opt for paid memberships, you can have limitless applications. Anyway, small business owners and individuals can suffice themselves with only 10 applications.

To create an application, you can click on the “Create New Application” on the dashboard.

Forms – Once the application is created, you will instantly be redirected to the “Form Area” where you can style your own form. Provide a form name called Guest Book. On the left side are the “Insert Fields” where you can drag and drop to the right. Here, it would be appropriate to consider you are now in the “Edit Mode”. Add one line-field and provide a “Label Name” called Name. Add another email field and provide the Label Name Email.

Live Mode – You need to run the form. When you link to the “Access this Application” at the top, you can directly go to the “Live Mode”. Here, the data is entered into the form. You may need to key-in few names and emails and click “Submit”. Once the form is submitted, a message will appear that “data has been added successfully”.

Views – To know where all the data went, Zoho creator utilizes “Views” to keep the gathered data through the forms. Views are nothing but tables which have been instantly populated with data. All forms by default have their own views. The name is usually “Form Name” and “View”. Only when it’s Live Mode, views can be displayed.

Embedding the Form to Your Website or Blog

You need to retrieve the form in Live Mode. Note the heading with drop down arrow. This will provide you the embedded code. You can copy the code and paste it to your blog or website. Each time data is submitted through the form, it is stored as “View” of the Zoho Creator. At last! You have positioned and designed your first Zoho application.

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