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Jul 11th, 2019 Comments Off on Cloudflare Pleads Guilty To Facebook & Twitter’s Partial Outage

Cloudflare Pleads Guilty To Facebook & Twitter’s Partial Outage

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Partial but significant outages were experienced by Facebook in July 3 and its products, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Users were unable to send or receive files including images during the outage that lasted for almost 10 hours. At 1 am IST, Facebook tweeted that the issues have been resolved and everything is back to normal.

Facebook did not respond to questions that the outage must have been caused by plans to link its 3 messaging platforms, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. The only explanation that Facebook made regarding the outage is routine maintenance.

Facebook users had different experiences during the outage with some reporting that images failed to load to the platform. During the peak of the outage, data from Downdetector.com showed that more than 14,000 users reported the outage on Instagram and more than 1,600 used WhatsApp. Many of the reports came from Europe and major urban centres across the world.

Twitter became the alternative platform for users who wanted to vent their frustrations; however, some people noticed that there was something wrong with Twitter. Just before 5 pm IST, the social media platform’s support account tweeted that there were some issues with DM delivery and notifications.

Tweetdeck, Twitter’s platform’s social media dashboard went down and users could not access it. Twitter’s last message to its users is the outage is almost 100% resolved but people should understand that there might be some residual effects for small groups of people.

The outage happened towards the end of the week and just a day after users all over the world came across several websites that displayed the error message “502 Bad Getaway.” However, there were many people working behind the scenes to keep the internet afloat.

Later on, Cloudflare, a content delivery and DDoS protection provider admitted that the outage resulted from a CPU spike due to bad software deploy that rolled back and not a well-crafted DDoS attack.

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