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Oct 24th, 2018 Comments Off on Chinese Students Unconcerned Over Internet Censorship

Chinese Students Unconcerned Over Internet Censorship

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In many countries all over the world, people are free to search for any information that they require. Search engines like Google has made it easy for a consumer to find Adrenaline sports map illustration or a provider of a specific part for a vehicle. Meanwhile, in China, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagramare blocked including thousands of foreign websites.

Chinese teenagers have never heard of Google or Twitter. They have an internet that is significantly different from the rest of the world. A number of Chinese websites has emerged with the same functions as the Western counterparts but they come with a high level of censorship. Because the Chinese have grown accustomed to local apps and online services, they are not interested on what is censored online. As a result, Beijing was able to develop an alternative value system that differs from Western liberal democracy.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton spoke about China becoming a more open society like the United States because of the growth of the internet. However, for the western internet giants, the hope of penetrating the Chinese market is becoming a farfetched dream. China’s Communist Party is demonstrating tighter ideological control. However, US internet giants are still trying.

Google is trying to work on a censored search engine for China’s smartphone users once it is allowed by the government. Recently, Facebook gained approval for an open subsidiary in the eastern province of Zhejiang but the approval was quickly withdrawn. Even if Western apps and websites make it to China, it is very likely that they will face apathy from the Chinese.

According to two economists from Peking University and Stanford University, college students in China are unconcerned about having access to uncensored and politically-sensitive information. They have free tools that will allow them to bypass censorship but students so not use them. Nobody spends time browsing blocked foreign news websites.

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