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Feb 2nd, 2017 Comments Off on Tangible Benefits Generated From Live Videos

Tangible Benefits Generated From Live Videos

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In the weeks following the launch of Facebook Live, reports circulated that Mark Zuckerberg is obsessed with live video. Within months from each other, Zuckerberg has pushed for live video on Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, Twitter also launched its own version of Periscope-powered live video feature in 2016. What is it about live video that the social media giants are visibly in a hurry to use it? What will this mean for content marketing?

Based on the research results compiled by Twitter, if an event is live streamed, brand favourability is increased by at least 63%. Furthermore, at least 83% of Livestream survey respondents said that they prefer live video from brands compared to social posts. This means that live video has some tangible benefits for brands, marketers and consumers themselves.

There are no technical requirements when creating live videos. If you have a smart phone, it is very easy to go live. You do not even need to spend hours in content preparation and rehearsed facades like other content marketing mediums.

Through live video, marketers are given the opportunity to interact with their audience. When the audience asks a question, it can be answered live. The world watches the discussion and partakes with some comments. This level of engagement helps build a stronger and more personal bond between the audience and the video streamer.

There is something about live streaming that makes the audience continue on watching. Even if the streamer is not a celebrity, people typically pay attention to live video. As studies show, people spend three times longer watching live videos compared to videos that are not live. Besides that, previous live streams can be used in content marketing. They can be transcribed into blog posts or chopped into small videos for YouTube or a small clip for the homepage.

Video content is a marketing innovation that allows a business to connect to its audience on a more personal level. It is easier for online users to relate to videos so that a greater sense of relationship is created with the brand. Video is also easier to recall for consumers searching for insurance products.


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