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Mar 24th, 2021 Comments Off on Challenges Of Cross-Border Trucking

Challenges Of Cross-Border Trucking

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In 2020, cross-border trade faced many challenges from the unprecedented disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic to the low freight shipping demand. During the last quarter of the year, cross-border operations became very busy with a wide variety of trade moving across the borders of North America.

Operating costs remain crucial for the transportation and logistics businesses. They have to consider variable and fixed costs as well as profits and losses. Selecting the right transport option for their clients can be quite tricky because there are essential differences that make them more cost-effective than the other option.

The most common shipping options include less-than-truckload or LTL and full truckload or FTL. LTL is a more cost-effective option for clients are who operating on a smaller scale and ship goods in smaller quantities. Different shipments from different clients are consolidated so that a client only pays for the weight or space used by his goods.

However, LTL has its drawbacks. It may take more time for the shipment to reach the destination because of frequent stops. There are also risks of fulfilment errors when receiving loads from different shippers. It is extremely important for the courier to carefully manage all shipments to avoid any errors.

Meanwhile, the FTL transport option incorporates ground freight transportation. The client makes use of the entire truck space irrespective of the volume and weight of the goods that will be transported. In simple words, the client has to pay for the entire truck. This option is advantageous for most clients because of the greater level of security and the faster delivery time. The drawback is the more expensive shipping cost compared to LTL.

Most transport and logistics providers for cross-border trade have a wide range of trucks in different types and sizes to match shipping requirements. The client has the option to combine both shipping methods for large quantities of goods.

Years of experience in cross-border logistics has allowed Titan Transline to seamlessly transport your goods through LTL or FTL shipping options. Other specialty services like hotshot trucking, dedicated truckload, oversized loads, and temperature-controlled services are also available.

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