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Dec 17th, 2020 Comments Off on Bramble Survey Shows Shift In Outlook Towards Online Lessons

Bramble Survey Shows Shift In Outlook Towards Online Lessons

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With COVID-19 keeping people at home, education has shifted to the online space, with educators holding classes via stream, literature tuition held via conference call, and the like.

Online tutoring platform Bramble takes a closer look, conducting a survey to see how educators are holding up. According to their data, it’s expected that most of the lessons and lectures will be delivered online until mid-2021.

The platform surveyed 2,063 of their users, with demographics as follows:

  • About 60% of the respondents were tutors. 28% were students, with parents accounting for 7%. Tutoring organizations like charities and private tuition agencies accounted for the smallest slice, with 5%.
  • 73% of the respondents are from the UK, 12% are from Canada, 4% from the US, 4% from Singapore, 2% from Australia.

17% of all tutor responses were from teachers, with the vast majority (91%) expecting classes to stay online until 2021, with 87% expecting live online teaching platforms to act as support for classroom teaching moving forward, showing a shift in how people look at online teaching.

Prior to the lockdown, 82% of the respondents said that they haven’t done online tutoring, while 6% said that they were strictly online. Post-lockdown was drastically different, with nearly every tutor (99%) surveyed saying that some of their tutoring will be online until mid-2021, with 87% saying that half of all of their tutoring will be online.

Additionally, more than a third (35%) of the tutors surveyed stated that they’ll be tutoring online exclusively.

Of the tutoring organizations surveyed, 71% stated that they expect their tutoring to stay online for the latter half of 2020 and the first half of 2021. They added that online provides greater reach, a more diverse roster of tutors, and easier tutoring.

The outlook towards online literature tuition and the like has shifted, with 72% of the tutors surveyed saying that they believe it’s just as effective, if not more so, as in-person education. 84% of the students Bramble surveyed echoed that sentiment.

Bramble co-founder Will Chambers says that the survey’s results show that online tutoring is now seen as equal to in-person education, and that it is here to stay moving forward.

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