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Mar 23rd, 2014 Comments Off on Biotech Bringing In ‘Biblically Responsible’ Investors

Biotech Bringing In ‘Biblically Responsible’ Investors

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The differences between science and religion, and the argument that stems from that, has been a notable part of modern history, and has fueled debates about topics like the most famous example of creationism and evolution, genetic manipulation and GMOs, and biotechnology and its products: drugs like that HCG supplement, medications, prostheses, etc. The details are of course, left to be discussed by those knowledgeable within the proper fields, but it would seem that the last one on the list isn’t as removed from the words of the Good Book as many would like to think, if decisions made by evangelical investors are to be believed.

These evangelical investors seek out stocks in businesses which fit their criteria of being Christian-friendly, meaning that they will immediately reject investment opportunities and filter out any company that deals with tobacco, alcohol, or firearms. The evangelical investors stay away from these “sin stocks” on account of them not fitting biblical values based on their criteria. What these investors go for are “inspiring companies”, those that they believe follow the Good Book’s teachings and seek to improve the world.

And they seem to have placed their faith on biotechnology. Specifically, their focus seem to be on companies like Incyte or Kite Pharma, both of which are known developers working on finding a cure for cancer.

According to the CEO of Inspire Investing; Robert Netzly, which worked on the index funds for these investments, stated that while there wasn’t really a clear guideline for these investment choices, it seemed that any company seeking to aid in treating the illnesses that plague the world and improve quality of life seem to place quite high on the priority list.

The index fund went through federal records and donor rolls of the companies to determine which companies fit their criteria.

Netzly stated that, whilst biotech does edit biology and tinker with creation, as long as it’s done in a constructive manner, without needless destruction or damage, and for a good cause, they’re willing to give their support, meaning that companies that handle medications or that HCG supplement that’s been in the news lately isn’t exempt, provided, of course, that they fit the criteria.

The endeavor is part of the group’s effort to prove their motto Good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive“, placing their bets on biotech companies analyzed by Inspire’s algorithms and tests to determine which “biblically responsible” companies also give good returns.

However, as part of its endeavor to promote good values, if a company that fits their criteria does something that can be considered as a moral infraction, the fund will put the company on a probationary period of six-months. If companies don’t improve their practices, they are cut off entirely from the funding. This is to influence companies to improve their moral values as well as their financial ones.

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