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Jan 11th, 2015 Comments Off on Biggest Storm In 10 Years Hits The Bay Area Causing Floods And Power Outages

Biggest Storm In 10 Years Hits The Bay Area Causing Floods And Power Outages

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A major storm had hit the Bay Area last Thursday with incessant rains causing flood and power outages. The storm is considered to be the strongest in 10 years.

Last December 11, 2014, a storm called an ‘atmospheric river’ had hit the Bay Area last Thursday morning flooding many local areas, collapsing the roof of a grocery store and causing the injury of child while playing in school.

The storm had first arrived in the North Bay where higher locations experienced 4 inches of rain while other locations such as Oakland, Palo Alto and San Jose had received 2 inch of rain growing to 4 inches by 3 pm.

When the storm showed no sign of letting up, the National Weather Service was prompted to issue flash flood warning the entire day in various established communities. The storm was considered to be the strongest that the area has experienced in the last decade. Incessant raining along with poor storm drain cleaning and maintenance has contributed to the flash floods experienced in many different locations.

Flooding was first recorded around 10 pm with the ramp of Highway 87 leading northbound to Interstate 280 was reportedly closed while leading the drivers away and diverted to Highway 101, Redwood City.

Probably the most serious problem recorded in the Bay Area was in San Jose when the non-ceasing rains have cause a 75 foot crack on the roof of a Safeway causing it to collapse on a produce section of a grocery store. The San Jose Fire Department immediately ordered an evacuation of the patrons and employees of the store while also contacting the Urban Sear and Rescue Team. Fortunately, the collapsing of the roof took a while allowing the people inside the store to evacuate. There were no human casualties.

Schools were also ordered to close when a Cypress branch fell on a boy while staying in a playground at Gateway School in Santa Cruz. Another girl also received minor injuries from the branch and was treated immediately while the boy was taken to the hospital.

Residents of a mobile home park were also evacuated by firefighters through a small boat due to the flood.

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