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Mar 24th, 2018 Comments Off on Australia’s Pest Control Says To Expect More Pests

Australia’s Pest Control Says To Expect More Pests

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The exceptionally humid weather conditions that New South Wales is enduring has lead to an explosion of the cockroach population, a phenomenon that has people on edge, except perhaps pest control in Sydney, who are experiencing more business than usual.

The increase in pest numbers is set to affect other states in the land down under, according to an Australian Museum expert. Notably, the expert says that Queensland will be one of the first victims of the bug horde, which will give Queenslanders even more reasons to hate cockroaches.

According to David Bock, the explosion in bug numbers that’s plaguing NSW and causing far more callouts for pest control in Sydney than usual was due to the warm, humid weather in the state, which was the ideal breeding conditions for bugs of all kinds, cockroaches in particular loving the humid climes.

He says that this bugsplosion were particularly notable with cockroaches and ants, who usually lay a lot of eggs, expecting that most would die before reaching adulthood, but the weather conditions meant that a lot of those younglings do end up reaching adulthood, and, as a result, this means that more bugs were mating, creating a cycle which has lead to the pest problems plaguing the NSW.

Queensland pest controllers are usually busy around this time of year thanks to the humid weather around this time. However, some pest controllers in the area are expecting more bugs and more work.

One such pest controller, Dallas Hall, Amalgamated Pest Control’s Queensland Branch Manager, warns Queenslander about bugs, expecting the bug horde plaguing NSW to come over to Queensland. Other pest controllers have also noted that they’re being called more than ever, with some saying they are being called to deal with more cockroaches and termites. Hall expects that the time around March will be the peak of bug activity.

Bock has more bad news, as the increase in roach numbers also means that the numbers of their predators have also gone up. Bugs like redback spiders and daddy long legs have been increasing in number, thanks to the fact that their prey have gone up in number, meaning there’s food to sustain bigger numbers.

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