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Dec 20th, 2018 Comments Off on Aussies Spend $4 Billion On Cleaning Services Annually

Aussies Spend $4 Billion On Cleaning Services Annually

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Cleaning companies like Showpiece Services know what cleaning services are in demand in the AU. Now, tradie hiring site Hipages, recently released some numbers on the matter, bringing forward some data on how many Aussies ask for professional cleaning.

Beyond the normal jobs, there are stranger requests like cleaning up following a year 12 party, and ‘approximately 180,000 bricks ready to clean’, as Aussies get to work on spring cleaning ahead of the warmer days.

According to the tradie hiring site, the most in-demand service is professional cleaning, and Hipages itself has seen an increase of 15% in cleaning requests posted on their platform during the month of October. Their research suggests that hiring a company like Showpiece Services handle house cleaning can cost up to AU$18 for a four-bedroom home.

Cleaning services are very much in demand across the AU. In October, gutter cleaning saw the highest spike in nationwide requests, with an increase of 33%, as many Aussies look for a tradie or a cleaning service like  Showpiece Services to tackle the matter in their place. Requests for carpet services, meanwhile, nearly doubled; increasing by 41%. General cleaning, which covers the more mundane as well as the stranger tasks, went up by 16%.

The cleaning industry is in a good place, great news for companies like Showpiece Services, with Aussies spending an average of $4b annually for cleaning services.

Baby boomers and the older generation account for the most jobs, with an average of three cleaning jobs annually, while millennials and the younger generation average in at two.

Rosio Badolato, from Hands On Cleaning in Sydney, says that around October and November are the busiest times of the year for them, explaining that spring cleaning is one of their most popular services, because people want everything spruced up before December rolls around, especially when Christmas and the holiday season gets close.

Chief Customer Officer for Hipages, Stuart Tucker, says that quality cleaners can be a difficult to find in the really busy seasons, like spring. He stresses that these times are when technology can be at its most helpful when it comes to helping customers find a quality, professional cleaner to deal with their needs.





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