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Oct 30th, 2018 Comments Off on Aussies Embracing Alternatives To Burials

Aussies Embracing Alternatives To Burials

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Admittedly, planning one’s funeral isn’t something most people would consider a fun experience, preferring to shy away from the matter as much as possible.

But funeral directors in Sydney and other experts in the industry have been urging people to be more proactive in preparing for their passing for the sake of their loved ones, who are often forced to make decisions about funeral arrangements while reeling from the grief mere days after their passing.

To their credit, Aussies have found creative ways to bid the land of the living farewell. While the traditional option remains an option, there has been an increase in demand for more creative ways of passing on.


For those looking for a colourful exit, Ashes to Ashes can turn people’s cremated remains into fireworks. According to owner Craig Hull, he started his business 7 years ago after he noticed a gap in the market. Ashes to Ashes takes all of the person’s ashes, embed them into fireworks, then send all of it up into the air.

Ashes to Ashes, Hull says, deal with the ashes of the deceased with the conduct needed to provide them a dignified service, and even allows people to choreograph a fireworks showcase set to music of their choice for their families.

Sending ashes skywards costs $5,500-$9,500, depending on the necessary council permits,

Biodegradable burials

A growing number of funeral companies and funeral directors in Sydney and across the country are now offering a sustainable option for burying, with affordable green burials and cremations, like what Gathered Here offers.

People are buried in natural coffins made from natural materials, like wicker and sea grass, or wrapped in cotton or organic linen shrouds, which are much cheaper than the traditional coffin, and breaks down into the Earth when buried, providing a way to depart from this world while making sure the remains don’t disturb it.

Smart urns

For the sentimental and the practical, the ModUrn can hold their ashes, as well as sync to their loved one’s network devices to send messages and other reminders of their life, as well as acting as a storage space for personal and important files, like family recipes and medical records.

The ModUrn, and it’s smaller cousin, are encrypted, ensuring security for those that opt to leave records for those that they’re leaving behind, letting them save the things that tend to be lost when someone passes away.

The ModUrn starts at $945, the Memento at $194, and there’s even a version for pets, which costs at least $295.

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