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Sep 14th, 2018 Comments Off on Artificial Intelligence For Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence For Small Businesses

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Many small businesses assume that the Internet of Things won’t help in their operations. However, the impact of IoTis being felt across all industries. Data that needs to be gathered, organized, queried and accurately analyzed is what drives IoT and the surrounding economy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also available for smaller organizations like marquee hire in Melbourne to help them make decisions faster and more strategically for less money.

According to Imam Hoque, COO and global head of Products, a data analytics provider, artificial intelligence has been around since the last decade. There have been many technological advances meaning that AI has surpassed the way that human decides in many situations. With artificial intelligence, decisions are faster and more strategic.

Previously, machine intelligence required powerful computing power so that it was not a feasible alternative to human ingenuity. Now huge amounts of power are available through Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud which can run for at least $200 a day.

Apart for computing power, data was another key factor because it was not easily accessible. Now, data is available anywhere and everywhere. Because of the extensive implementation of digital strategies, AI is now directly connected to consumers without the need for a human in the middle.

AI is a feasible investment for both small and big companies because of the ability to provide a better service, build existing relationships with customers and reach new markets. Previously, small businesses do not have the capability to process large volumes of data, spot patterns and make predictions. Now they have the opportunity to act on new ideas rapidly.

Artificial intelligence helps small businesses in reaching new markets and built stronger connections across the globe because it easily breaks down language barriers and time zone restrictions.There is no need to own hardware because cloud approaches and open source technologies can be adopted.

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