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Dec 10th, 2019 Comments Off on Apple Nixes Customer Reviews

Apple Nixes Customer Reviews

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With the importance of digital marketing, in all its forms, things like King Kong SEO reviews are given a lot of importance by companies looking to gain more customers.

So, when Apple, one of the world’s biggest companies, suddenly removes the customer reviews and ratings from its website without any explanation, people were left worried, and wondering.

Apple Insider reported on the matter, which happened over a weekend in late November 2019. The Apple online store lost its Rating and Reviews section from all of the company’s product pages, covering the US, UK, and Australia. Many are saying that, had this only occurred to one particular region, then it could’ve been chalked up to an incident.

This is notable, as this section is Apple’s place for reviews like King Kong SEO reviews, with thousands of product reviews put up by customers, including positive and negative ones. In this section, customers could leave reviews and star ratings, as well as look at reviews left by other customers, which they could search through based on recency or usefulness. This section, and all of the reviews and ratings therein, are no longer accessible.

Media outlets took a look at the site, taking a look at Apple’s online store listings to confirm the changes.

Apple Insider posted their archived screenshots of the product pages for the first iteration of the Apple Pencil, as it was for November 16, and the following days, November 17. Between the two days, the Rating & Reviews section in Apple’s online store was gone.

Notably, the change came just as holiday shopping came into full swing, and, like any reviews section, Apple’s had a mix of positive and negative reviews. The Verge, in particular, noted how Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter had at least 700 one-star reviews. An archived version of that particular page shows one star reviews from Australia, India, and the US.

Naturally, Apple’s sudden and inexplicable removal of the Ratings & Reviews section, got a lot of attention, with many media outlets inquiring about the matter to the company. As for the tech giant, it didn’t really respond or give explanation on the matter.

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