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Apr 22nd, 2019 Comments Off on Apple Loosening Infamously Reportedly Tight Repair Policies

Apple Loosening Infamously Reportedly Tight Repair Policies

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Tech-giant Apple has taken some flak in the past for its tight repair policies, prohibiting people from turning to third party providers to handle iPhone or computer repairs in Perth or anywhere else.

The company’s been caving recently under the pressure, as revealed by a leaked document acquired by MacRumors, which notes that Apple’s putting a new upgrade on their iPhones, one that customers have been demand for years. All iPhones possessing aftermarket batteries from third-party repair shops will now receive full support from the company, which means that owners can end up saving a lot on money on the repair bills. It’s also a step forward for the ‘right to repair’ movement, which has been fighting to preserve the right of owners to go to mobile or computer repairs in Perth or anywhere else and get third-party repairs done without risking losing company support.

Apple’s Genius Bars and Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASPs) are under instructions to service and repair any iPhone with a third-party battery. Additionally, if a serious issue is found surrounding the battery, Genius Bars and AASPs have the authority to replace the phone for the cost of a new battery, based on their discretion.

This is a huge change, due to Apple having gone on record to admit that it throttles the performance of older iPhone models through wearing out batteries, which can kick in as early as a year after acquisition. For owners this means that they can just go to the closest phone repair shop, saving time, money and energy travelling while not having to fear losing their official Apple support. On top of that, it could, potentially increase the time that an iPhone is owned.

That being said, the company might have to adjust a bit to implement it all properly. Working on third-party batteries might be a bother for their technicians, and the company’s current slump won’t be dealt with. However, this ruling might do something good for the company; ensuring that customers stay loyal to the Apple brand.

Apple’s next-gen iPhones are already being scrutinized, which means that company might need as much customer loyalty as it can muster. On top of that, rumours are swirling around that the tech giant is working on some big project, one that will take a while to come out, so having the customers on their side might be worth the hassle.

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