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Jun 17th, 2019 Comments Off on Anti-flooding Efforts In Bangkok Increased

Anti-flooding Efforts In Bangkok Increased

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The rainy season has already started in the capital city of Thailand affecting businesses and accommodations such as Sukhumvit serviced apartments but local authorities have already promised to increase their efforts to make sure that flooding is prevented as much as possible.

Gen Anupong Paojinda, the Interior Minister, said that they have already discussed measures during a meeting together with relevant agencies to solve the problem of flooding in the city. The meeting was held two days after a strong, heavy rainfall that was experienced in majority of the capital’s district and unfortunately resulted to heavy traffic in most of the roads.

According to reports, the flooding was triggered after a power outage that stopped the operation of the water draining tunnel located in Bang Sue. This particular tunnel for water draining is considered to be one of the largest in the city. The outage lasted for many hours before everything went back to normal around 6 pm on the same day. Gen Anupong said that flooding can be prevented in Bangkok as long as the pumping water system is operating as designed.

Part of the measure to avoid flooding is to release water into the Chao Praya River or back to the ocean in as fast as possible. Unfortunately, issues happen when the entire capital is tormented with heavy rain. He explained that 14 locations were determined to be critical areas that are prone to flooding. The remaining 56 are tagged as highly likely to flood if the rain pours in significant amount.

Gen Anupong clarified that they had an issue with the electricity which made them realize that they should have a backup power in case the same situation happens again. They need to be prepared in order for their pumping machines to operate as usual despite power outages. They have already contacted the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to provide assistance during power outages to ensure that the pumping machines will not be affected.

They are already coordinating with local authorities and businesses such as Sukhumvit serviced apartments to do everything in their power to make sure flooding is prevented for the comfort of the residents and tourists alike.

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