About iCoSoft

What Is iCoSoft All About?
Today’s world has gone from physical and personal to digital. More and more people nowadays are more inclined to accomplishing their tasks in the most convenient way. And when convenience is involved, the internet seems to be the epitome of convenience. And this is what drives the existence of iCoSoft in the first place.
iCoSoft is a media platform for news. If something is going on in the world, you will get to know about them by through us. Headed by Derrick Hodges, iCoSoft started years ago in an effort to provide people with news in an easy way. Now considered as one of the most trustworthy news websites in the online world, iCoSoft features authentic and high quality articles. And with millions of audience being accounted for, its global presence is undeniably felt in the online world.
Free and Authentic News
iCoSoft provides news for free. This is one of the advantages of having it online. With iCoSoft, you are able to access authentic news without cost. You won’t need to pay for anything just to be updated with what’s going on with the digital world.
Up-to-Date Stories and Entries
News is all about being up-to-date. iCoSoft provides news stories which are fresh and relevant. Once something happens, you will be able to know about it in an instant through its website. With how the online world works, a specific news can go viral in an instant. And iCoSoft is able to be one of those first websites to feature latest news just right after it happens. If you want to be updated the moment something comes up, sign up and be part of our mailing list.
Convenience and Easy Access
The best thing about iCoSoft is that it is easily accessible. iCoSoft provides a convenient way to read the news wherever you may be, provided that you have an internet connection.

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