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Nov 9th, 2015 Comments Off on A Guide To Building An Online Store With An E-Commerce Software

A Guide To Building An Online Store With An E-Commerce Software

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The world is now living in its modern age and there is no denying the great contributions of technology with the numerous improvements on various aspects of society. Particularly, in the world of shopping, it is safe to say that they revolutionize the way people shop today. But even with such contributions, there are still a lot of brick-and-mortar stores who are unwilling to go online. This is because there are still those who are afraid of technology.

These people do not know what their missing out because e-commerce provides numerous untapped opportunities for business. By going online, you will be able to broaden and expand your audience to a tenfold. However, the process of building an online store is not that easy and would require the need for online store builders. Of course, if there is online design software used for loads of products, there is also e-commerce software that one can use to build an online store.

When building an online store, make sure to consider the following tips below.

  1. HTML & CSS Control. You may be able to use ready-to-use templates for your store but if you want to be able to change designs in the future, it is important that you make use of a platform that would allow you to retain control over HTML and CSS. Remember, as your online store grows, you would need to make some changes to accompany this growth and having control of HTML and CSS can do this.
  2. One Page Checkout. It can be quite frustrating for a customer if he would to click a lot of things before he can make a checkout. Try making it easier for customers to checkout so that you reduce the chances of cart abandonment.
  3. Give Multiple Payment Offers. Paypal is good but not everyone has one so it is better if you integrate multiple payment offers.
  4. Customer Reviews. In your products, you should allow customers to make a review because doing so can help you generate new sales. Reviews are probably what potential customers would trust and what would prompt them to make a purchase.
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