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Jun 4th, 2021 Comments Off on A Brief Glimpse Into The World Of Editorial Illustrators

A Brief Glimpse Into The World Of Editorial Illustrators

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Across print and online publications, art directors would rely on illustrators to create beautiful and eye-catching images that can convey information and express complex ideas. Editorial illustrations have given life to many stories and have successfully enticed readers to engage with content. From the point of view of illustrators, creating editorial illustrations is extremely satisfying.

The best possible visual story is usually a collaboration between the illustrator and the art director. There are newspapers and magazines that suit any illustration style and publications often play with different aesthetics. For example, a magazine may feature stunning nature photography but at the same time, it tackles political and environmental stories that cannot be highlighted through photos. In a tricky concept, an art director turned to an illustrator to express a country’s penchant for promoting environmental progress while being a major exporter of natural gas, coal and oil.

Sometimes, an art director would want representational illustration for a mainstream story like how to eat the best sushi while protecting the environment. An illustrator can be hired to create beautiful illustrations of fishes. Representational illustration does not mean exact likeness but very close likeness with colours and aesthetics.  

However, an illustrator must standout from the crowd to catch the attention of art directors. Aside from digital presence, an illustrator must have a portfolio with a social element. When searching for illustrators, a Chicago team keeps tracks of favourites in Pinterest and Instagram. They reach out to illustrators in regional magazines and airline magazines where different illustrations are featured.

There are illustrators in some publications like New York magazines, Wired, The Esquire and the New Yorker. They have longstanding relationships with agents which is still the most efficient way to commission artwork. To get a sense of what will catch an art director’s attention, illustrators also keep track of what is popular with the understanding that current trends won’t always suit a publication.

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