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Sep 25th, 2015 Comments Off on A Boutique For A Cause

A Boutique For A Cause

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Lynda Walsh, a 69-year old retiree, has come up with the idea of putting up a boutique for a cause. She is an advocated for children who want to give kids a chance to look fashionable without looking at the price tag.

Cool Clothes Closet, located at South Palm Beach County, is a non-profit boutique for kids in foster care, young professionals coming from a foster care program and children of returning veterans who are still looking for a job.

The store is set up like the usual boutique shop with clothes hanged on racks and neatly folded in dressers. Kids can choose from everyday to professional clothing for male and female. The clothes come in different sizes from extra small to triple extra-large. In addition to the line of clothes, there are shoes, hats, purses available. Walsh also had produced custom shopping bags to complete the shopping experience.

This advocacy for kids started in 2012 when Walsh was a guardian ad litem for children. She decided to protect from difficult life scenarios, which made her take classes and go through the certification process. She used to work as a stenographer under the juvenile court system in Chicago.

In order for Walsh to start her boutique for a cause, she asked her family and friends for clothes. She also requested them to help in setting up the place. Her 93-year old mother is the one in charge of washing and ironing the clothes donated by their family and friends.

Not a single kid who comes in the boutique comes out empty-handed. Everybody has found something he or she likes. The kids can shop at their heart’s content – the average volume of clothes per kid fills about two shopping bags.

Walsh wants to continue helping kids even beyond shopping hours. She focuses now on finding more shoppers and accommodating whatever needs they may have. She does one-on-one appointments every weekend of after school is over, making sure she has connection with the kids she is helping.


In order to spread the word, Walsh spends time reaching out to churches, local schools, and after-school-care programs, among others.

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