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Aug 25th, 2017 Comments Off on 7 Amazing Ways To Use A USB Flash Drive

7 Amazing Ways To Use A USB Flash Drive

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An authentic USB flash drive is more flexible than what you realize, packing abilities that go well beyond transferring and storing files. These are little known tricks that can be utilized by techno geeks and newbies to accomplish anything from bringing back virus-ridden computer to launching and playing mobile apps right from the drive.

Here are 7 ways to use a USB flash drive using the guide listed below. You’ll be surprised to find out that aside from storing files, the thumbdrives have so much more uses:

  • Revive a virus infected system

If a free AVG rescue software is loaded on your USB drive, you can scan thoroughly a crippled computer for viruses. If things go well, you can restore your system back to life.

  • Run mobile apps, games and utilities

A laptop, tablet and smartphone are indeed portable gadgets you can take anywhere. If you have a USB flash drive, you can run any application like OpenOffice, Chrome, Firefox and more in any computer.

  • Install and test-drive Windows 8

You may want a sneak preview of Microsoft’s upcoming OS? The consumer preview is now in the market, but if you want the tutorial, you can try out Windows 8 without replacing your existing system.

  • Try Linux

You might have wondered what Linux is, but it’s an open-source OS. Just like Windows 8 tutorials, you can know how to use your USB drive to boot Linux and snoop around the OS without replacing your existing system.

  • Install Windows 7 on a MacBook

If you want complete access to both OS, the Windows and OS X, you can utilize a USB flash drive to install Windows on your MacBook. This is very useful for MacBook Air owners who may need to avoid this work problem should an optical drive be not found.

  • Secure your files and documents

If you prefer to use your thumbdrive as file storage, never forget to encode it. By doing so, you have full access to the files found on the drive, rendering it useless to anyone who steals or finds it.

  • Turn this thing into a last-minute gift

Victims of delay will learn to love this guide, which shows you how a plain old USB flash drive can be repurposed into a profound gift in a couple of hours.

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