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Sep 15th, 2019 Comments Off on 6 Tips To Minimize Pain With Reading Braces

6 Tips To Minimize Pain With Reading Braces

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It is typical to experience pain when you wear Reading braces. The misaligned teeth are gradually being repositioned to its right place so you can expect considerable pain, especially during the first two weeks of wearing braces. The intensity of pain is also affected by the severity of the crookedness of teeth and the amount of work needed to be done to align the teeth.  Although the pain is tolerable, you can still alleviate it with the following tips:

Ice pack

To relive yourself from pain brought about by braces, apply an ice or gel pack on your cheek or outside of your mouth. This will minimize the inflammation and numbs the pain on your mouth.

Gum massage

Another way to alleviate pain on your mouth is by gently massaging your gums in a circular motion using your point and middle fingers. This will help relax your gums and improve blood circulation. This is an effective method if your gums are swollen due to Reading braces.

Saltwater rinse

You can also get pain relief by gargling with warm water with salt. This will ease out the sores or cuts in your mouth with wearing braces.

Pain killers

Another tip to lessen the pain is by taking oral anesthetics. You can apply the anesthetics to your gums or sensitive teeth by using cotton swab or direct application through your finger. Pain killers desensitize your teeth and gums so you won’t feel much discomfort and pain while your teeth gradually realigns.

Dental wax

Dental wax is a common method used by orthodontist to reduce the friction and rubbing of metal brackets against the walls of the mouth. Dental wax is usually firm and stretchy and it effectively reduces pain.

Frozen teething rings

Another effective way to reduce pain due to wearing braces is by using teething rings. Freeze the teething ring and chew it. Place it right where it hurts the most. Gradually, the pain will lessen or even go away.

To find out other ways to lessen the pain while wearing Reading braces, consult your orthodontist especially in the first few weeks of the procedure.

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